Protect your brand reputation from manipulative attacks.

New Knowledge is a cybersecurity company specializing in disinformation defense for highly visible brands under attack by coordinated disinformation campaigns. Through machine learning and AI we detect threats before damage is done, and protect public discourse.

Disinformation is a cybersecurity issue.

False narratives jeopardize your brand reputation.

Reputation manipulation can happen in an instant. A social listening tool can let you know that your brand name has received hundreds of new mentions in the last few minutes, but can’t tell you if the campaign is orchestrated or authentic...or where the narrative originated. Brands are risking their reputation and losing millions of dollars in revenue due to social media disinformation campaigns and manufactured public outrage. Whether it’s fake accounts spreading rumors, social media manipulation or coordinated groups leaving fake reviews, disinformation hurts your reputation.

270 million

Facebook accounts are fake

70 million

Twitter accounts are fake

126 million

People saw election propaganda in 2016

70% more

Likely for false news to be shared than true

Social media disinformation monitoring software.

In the age of fake news, New Knowledge defends your brand.

We help your company tell what’s real from what’s fake on social media, and we provide you with the tools to best respond in the event of a damaging viral campaign. Our platform detects covert, coordinated disinformation campaigns, provides real-time alerts, and helps your business separate real grassroots activity from propaganda attacks. We serve Fortune 100 companies in entertainment, tech, agriculture, energy, finance, media, and more.

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Enlist decades of intelligence and tech experience to protect your business.

Enlist decades of intelligence and tech experience to protect your business.

New Knowledge was created by veteran experts in national security and machine learning who are passionate about protecting both the public and private sector from disinformation campaigns.

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Our experience defending brand integrity and reputation spans a variety of public and private fields.







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Your brand reputation is priceless. We can protect it.

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