About Us

New Knowledge is an information integrity company.

Created by experts in national security, digital media and machine learning, we protect brands and industries from online campaigns that manipulate narratives and damage reputation.

Founded In 2015

Headquartered in Austin, TX. We were the first organization outside the U.S. intelligence community to identify Russia’s campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election. Our leadership has testified before Congress, advised the State Department and the NSA, and worked in counter-terrorism. As the information war escalates, we believe more than ever that our responsibility is to provide an advanced, reliable disinformation solution to national security agencies, responsible leaders, and trusted brands.

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Executive Leadership

  • Jonathon Morgan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ryan Fox

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Renee DiResta

    Director of Research

We donate our time and expertise to make the internet a trustworthy place.

Beyond our work with companies, we devote extra effort toward Data for Democracy, a non-profit founded by our CEO, Jonathon Morgan. Data for Democracy is a global community of more than 4,000 volunteers who use data and technology to make a positive impact on society. We work with lawmakers to update tech-related legislation, collaborate with social platforms to improve policies, and leverage the talents of technologists, researchers and data scientists from around the world to solve problems local to their communities.

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Together, we hope to embed a culture of service, transparency and accountability in the tech industry.

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