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Jonathon Morgan

Profiles of or articles authored by New Knowledge CEO Jonathon Morgan.


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A Young Startup With a Timely Offer: Fighting Propaganda Campaigns Online

Tech Crunch


Jan 26, 2018

After Florida School Shooting, Russian ‘Bot’ Army Pounced

New York Times


Feb 19, 2018

Austin Researcher Jonathon Morgan Makes a Name in Cybersecurity World

Austin American Statesman


Feb 15, 2019

Attention Marketers: Your Marketing Tactics Are Being Used Against You



Jun 20, 2019

Russians Meddling in the Midterms? Here’s the Data

New Knowledge for The New York Times


Nov 6, 2018

Russia's Trying to Toss As an Apple of Discord. We Mustn't Bite.



Feb 20, 2018

Troll Networks Manipulated Gun Conversation After Florida Shooting, Expert Says



Feb 20, 2018

What do we really know about Russian disinformation?



Feb 13, 2019

Why Extremist Social Media Campaigns are Brand Perception's Biggest Threat

GDS Group


Feb 1, 2019

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