Our Solution

The first disinformation defense solution for leading brands

The New Knowledge disinformation solution provides brands with access to the social media threat detection technology and resources they need to identify disinformation attacks online, and proactively provide brand manipulation protection. It's more than social listening, it's social intelligence.

A state-of-the-art disinformation solution for a state-of-the-world problem

A state-of-the-art disinformation solution for a state-of-the-world problem.

The internet today is a battleground for the truth: it’s becoming harder and harder to determine the real information from the fake. New Knowledge keeps your brand reputation and your bottom line secure through proactive brand integrity risk detection of damaging disinformation and responding to it before damage is done.

Your 24/7, brand integrity risk protection

A 24/7 defense system.

New Knowledge is an always-on platform that detects disinformation attacks as they surface online, across any source of digital content. Our advanced brand threat detection solution watches out for suspicious communities and anomalous shifts in conversation that could indicate an attack on your brand, and pulls them all together in a dashboard for easy, consolidated viewing.

Your 24/7, brand integrity risk protection

Alerts that you can’t miss.

When the dashboard spots an attack on your brand reputation, products, or the online communities you care about, it sends you an immediate alert—so you don’t risk overlooking any potentially damaging activity.

Your brand reputation is priceless. We can protect it.

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