The Problem

We live in an age of information warfare.

Social media disinformation attacks can happen to any organization. From trolls and bots, to fake stories and reviews, brand manipulation and fabricated public outrage is pervasive across every industry. Attacks on corporate reputations cause brands to lose millions of dollars in revenue. Is your business ready to face the threat?

The Threat

Viral disinformation is a growing cybersecurity threat.

While the 2016 election made disinformation famous, information warfare has been a growing threat for years. The digital public square is a target, and authenticity and integrity of information is under attack by a variety of social media security risks. To put it into perspective, a recent MIT study reveals that lies are 70% more likely to be retweeted than facts on Twitter.

270 million

Facebook accounts are fake

70 million

Twitter accounts are fake

126 million

People saw election propaganda in 2016

70% more

Likely for false news to be shared than true

The Tactics

Disinformation weaponizes social media.

Cybercriminals have many digital tools to weaponize in disinformation attacks on brands, candidates, governments, and businesses —and they’ll use them all, coordinating with each other to launch full-fledged multi-site campaigns.

False reviews

Fake blogs

Social media bots

Site defacing

Bogus websites

Phony ads

Fake events

Hijacked accounts

Brands that took years to build can be destroyed within hours by social media disinformation.
The Consequences

Within hours, manipulated narratives can destroy a brand that took years to build.

Whether a brand is targeted in response to an event, to push an agenda, or to simply cause a nuisance, the lies spread fast and quickly make an impact. Early brand threat detection is the best defense. Companies that merely react to attacks, rather than proactively watch for them, often can’t move fast enough to prevent costly damage to their reputation—and their bottom line.

The secret to disinformation protection is knowing how to spot a fake.
The Solution

Early brand threat detection of emerging narratives.

The key to protecting your business is being able to separate the lies from the truth. With our advanced disinformation protection solution, New Knowledge can separate false information from organic activity, assess the threat level—and take action to disarm the attack, if necessary.

Your brand reputation is priceless. We can protect it.

Reach out to learn more about how New Knowledge can keep your brand safe from damaging disinformation.